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Techhive.IO - A New Beginning

Techhive.IO annouces the new Techhive.IO Insights.

Today marks the first anniversary since we conceived Techhive.IO.

The open-source philosophy appealed to us as it allowed us to explore new technologies and tools.

When we started, we had no idea how far our company would go. We always tinkered with software, explored new business ideas.

We consulted startups and companies on how to manage the technical aspect of their organization. However, it wasn't enough for us.

We learned how to take a product from conception to production.

We failed then we succeeded, and we saw many others go through the same cycle.

We want to create an exciting online hub in the Middle East, where we write, share and contribute our knowledge to the world.

We are taking this a step further, so we will be introducing guest bloggers, where they can reach the widest audience, share their experience, and give back to their community.

Whether you're a Software Engineer, Project Manager, CTO or CEO, you are welcomed to submit your articles to us, and we'll publish them here for the world to see.

Our Philosophy

We believe in quality, we believe in forming outstanding teams, supporting amazing individuals.

We believe in making the world a better place. Whether through the products we create or through contribution.

So why did we launch our blog?

There is a lot of high-quality contents out there. However, as you grow as an individual, as an organization, finding material that would help you and most importantly, inspire you to solve your problems becomes harder.

Technical articles get outdated as soon as an update is released.

On the other hand, you often hear the word agile thrown around, but few seem to integrate it correctly into the core of their organization.

Organizations are looking for new ways to improve their interaction with their clients, and most importantly, the communication between their teams. Better communication translates directly into better productivity.

Great, so what are we going to write?

Technology and business.

We're tech enthusiasts at heart. We built our entire business relying solely on technology.

Throughout our journey, we, and everyone we've encountered faced their own set of challenges.

The on-going fluctuation in the technological and business landscape makes it harder for organizations to adopt best practices and new, improved paradigms.

What are our next steps?


We're gearing most of our focus towards turning Techhive.IO into a data-driven business.

We strongly believe in the power of data and its ability to shed new insights into all industries. Organizations can utilize data to grow, improve, adapt and make more informed decisions.

We will gradually release use cases and reports to help you better stay up to date, optimize your workflow, and incorporate new and improved paradigms into your business.


We are also working on a suite of products to make organizations, specifically small and medium-sized, improve the organizational flow and (em)power them so they could focus on what matter: their goals.

Open Source

We will be releasing many open source projects, initially geared towards building web platforms, to help developers and startups bootstrap their development easily and intuitively, incorporating the industry's best practices, with minimal friction.

Whether you're building a SaaS or a Web Application, we're confident that we can help you throughout your journey.

Startups are having a hard time finding technical talent, developers and new CTOs are finding it harder to start building the technology.

Getting bootstrapped should not be expensive, especially when in ideation. Finding the right place to start is hard.

With our Open Source projects, we aim to help you navigate those waves.

For developers that are looking to improve their skills, you are more than welcome to contribute.


We hope you are as excited as we are.

We highly encourage our readers to share their thoughts, feedback and even their ideas.

Also, please feel free to subscribe down below.