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Abdul Rahman Zantout

Lead Engineer and Co-Founder at Techhive.IO

Professional Full Stack Software Expert and Software Architect. Node and Javascript Enthusiast with a deep understanding of web technologies, high-performance and data intensive applications, cloud infrastructure design and finance.


Abdul Rahman is a Software Engineer with emphasis on scalable cloud infrastructures and servers, as well as high-performance and data-intensive applications. 

Abdul Rahman co-founded his first startup, Monopoly Kings, while still pursuing his degree at the American University of Beirut (AUB). Monopoly Kings is the first buyer-side comprehensive data analytics platform that offers insights for smarter investments in real estate in Dubai. Self-funded, we had launched our prototype back in February 2017 and managed to attract more than hundreds of members.

The project was revamped and showcased as a beta in Summer 2017. Offering a full-fledged, A to Z service for amateur investors and first-time homebuyers, Monopoly Kings attracted a lot of potential investors, buyers and prominent real estate players in the market.

Abdul Rahman also consulted high-net individuals on the blockchain and its applications in the Real Estate sector.

After completing his journey in Monopoly Kings, Abdul Rahman returned to Lebanon and co-founded Techhive.IO, a software consultancy agency with a focus on Javascript.

Abdul Rahman designed and developed critical applications for major organizations in the MENA region, including international NGOs, and growth-stage startups.

He also developed and maintained many software projects for American and European businesses, notably in the Fintech sector.

Abdul Rahman is passionate about Open Source and finds real value in contribution.


  • American University of Beirut - BS in Computer Science