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Ali Obaji

Lead Designer and Co Founder at Techhive.IO

A Front-End Engineer with a passion for UX Design.


Graduated as a Computer Scientist from the American University of Beirut(AUB).

Ali co-founded MonopolyKings during his senior years at AUB. Monopoly Kings (MK) is the first buyer side comprehensive data analytics platform that offers insights for smarter investments in real estate in Dubai. MonopolyKings launched its prototype back in February 2017, and managed to attract more than hundreds of members.

Ali was heavily involved on the technical front of MK. His input was valuable in the development of the UI/UX, project management and software development of the project.

After his journey was completed, Ali co-founded Techhive.IO, a software consultancy firm based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Ali worked on many projects for international clients, including the World Health Organization, consulted many local, regional and international startups on their design and management process.

Ali's cunning skills in development gave him a unique perspective when designing applications. Ali employes his expertise in development to design interfaces that are not only appealing for the client, but also easy to develop and maintain by the developer.

In his free time, Ali contirbutes on open source projects, and test new design paradigms. Ali also like to read, go on a hike and hit the gym whenever he gets the chance.


  • American University of Beirut - BS in Computer Science